09 Feb

Duvan cup

Last week I played in Lycksele at Duvan cup’s jubilee concert.
It was me, Daniel Lindström, Christoffer Hiding and Bengt Johansson.
Me and the boys… ; )
Lycksele was cold, about -20 degrees Celsius (-4 F), but at the ice arena were we played the heat was on!! It was a big crowd, about a thousand and I gave all I had. Sweaty and fun.
The band was from Umeå and lead by Erik Wäcklén. They really rocked the place! Thank’s guys (and girl) for a great concert

Photo: Marcus Bäckström
More pictures from the concert:

I love going up north. Love the snow, the silence, the woods and the simplisity. Think I need to book a trip to the mountains and get me some skiing..

Bye for now!


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