…I’ve been doing alot of different stuff. Where should I begin?
My writing. I’ve been writing alot. Mostly songs for me and to my next album but also for other artists. That’s been keeping me real busy.
Jiihaa, it’s Fuuun, fun, fun!

Singing. Off course I’ve been singing :). Couple of weeks ago I had the honor to sing at Annexet, Golben here in Stockholm together with Jakob Stadell at the Working Life conferense. And having the awsome gospel choir By Grace backing me up, it just couldn’t go wrong.
And it didn’t 😉

Then there was the Bengt Johansson tour.
I got to sing some really great songs, meet some really nice people and see some really nice roads ;).
Bengt is a great artist and an even greater person.
We really got along great! Not to mention the band..
So I guess ”great” is the word for that tour.
Thank you Bengt for taking me with you!

Since I liked the band so much I brought the along to play with me at Underbar Bar.
A lot of people came and I sang alot of my new songs. First time live. The response was more than I could hope for.
Thank you friends and fans for your support and off course for coming to my concert!

Now I’m busy planning the US tour. I’m going in May.
Starting in Mississippi, performing at the Mississippi Grammy Event at the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi and ending in New York.
I’ll be staying one week in Nashville as well writing.
Looking forward to that trip!

Bye for now!