Girl power

Yesterday I sang at a women’s conference in Stockholm.
It was a conference to encourage women with leader positions.
The place was packed with cheering girls, women, ladies and chicks.
It was so inspiring standing in front of all these hungry women and singing “…now the wind is blowing my way and I’m learning to fly and as I’m drifting on the highway I am leaving the ground. Here I come!!”
I like girl power…
We need that. We need to get together and encourage each other.
Go girls!

A new year!

Hello! I really hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2009 started out great!

I have had a well-deserved, long and nice Christmas. I’ve been spending most of the holiday in my hometown Örnsköldsvik with my family and friends.
We had a lot of snow and the weather was sunny and cold, so I took many nice and long walks on the frozen lake. Me like… On the evening of Christmas eve I sang in the church were I grew up. My brother Richard backed me up with his guitar, Sebastian played the piano and my cousin Patricia sang one song with me. It was nostalgia.

The country shows in November and December went great! The show was filled with energy, humour and dance and off course a lot of great music. I had a blast! And I think everybody that came to see us also had a good time. Thank you Jultorp ranch for having us.
I have posted some pictures from the show. Check it out!

You can also find pictures of me as Lady Marmalade. A performance I did at a big event at Cirkus in Stockholm in November. People didn’t recognize me with all the make up. Do you?

In December I also performed at a charity concert in Örebro together with Paul Mac Innes and the gospel choir Joybells. That was a lot of fun :). The church was packed and having that great chior backing you up was awsome! Joybells rules ; )
Now I’m back in Stockholm and continuing my song writing. I’ve also been in the studio a couple of days trying out some new songs and it feels really good. I think I’m on to something…
So long my friends!