Playing at The Radisson Waterfront Hotel

This was a very fun night! First I played with The Starbugs down town at the very new Waterfront Hotel. A really nice place with a wonderful view. We were the first band playing there. We got all the 1500 people to get up and dance and jump! What a feeling..

Then off to the after party at Annexet, Globen (Eurovision song contest final). Eric Saade won and he and all the other competitors performed. It was a fun party and I met a lot of friends.
Good night!


Rehearsing for the Starbugs gigg on Saturday. It sounds great, with horns and everything. Look forward to it.

I just had to take this picture. Looks rock n roll doesn’t it? This rehearsal place takes me back to when I was like 18.. down in some worn down basement with the band.. Those were the days!